Wednesday, April 24, 2013


We had a very nice Easter celebration.  Due to the cold weather, we had a great indoor egg hunt. I found several good ideas online for filling the Easter eggs with non-sugary goodies.  We did have our fair share of chocolate treats in the eggs, but we also filled several with colorful socks, miniature stamps, bouncy balls, and hair bows.  We also hosted the Vachon family Easter at our house.  All was good.  We made these cute party favors for our guests.  I found the little white baskets on clearance at Big Lots (8 for $1) and the labels were free from an online site that I cannot remember.  I simply did a Google search for free printables at Easter time and found a lot to choose from.  I apologize to the designer for not being able to give him/her credit. 

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