Thursday, April 04, 2013

I is for Ice.

Why do kids love ice?  Both my kids are entertained with an ice cube.  Or a bowl of ice cubes.  I froze these mini plastic dinosaurs (8 pk from Dollar Tree) in tubs of colored water for the letter I activity.  Clare took these in the bathtub with her.  She was entertained with the giant ice cubes and not being able to pull the dinosaur leg from the ice chunk.  I'm thinking it was a half hour bath while Daddy took Luke outside.  She had a blast!  I mentioned to her that water is also called H2O.  She then said water is agua in spanish.  I was so glad she told me about the spanish word (she got side tracked) because I really didn't know where to go after I said H2O.  That's Daddy's department.

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