Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Learning Lesson or Laughing Lesson?

It's no secret that I browse a lot of mom-blogs.  The mom-blog world is huge.  And I love it.  I love that other mom's make the time to manage a blog and share all their learning lessons.  It gives me the motivation I need to teach Clare a variety of lessons as a toddler.  I really have no idea where she should be at this age, in regard to her "education."  I'm new to this parent gig.  Clare is seldom around other 2 year olds.  She has a lot of interaction with older kids.  Therefore, the mom-blogs give me some guidance and perspective.  With that said, I grabbed another learning lesson from a mom-blog.  The super mom used milk caps for her lesson. She wrote a letter on each milk cap that spelled her daughters name.  She then wrote her daughters name on a ziploc bag.  The lesson:  put the milk caps in order (following the written name on the bag) as a way to learn how to spell her name. I didn't have five milk caps, but I did have five hundred plastic travel spoons.  Easy, right?  Well, on day one, Clare used the bag as a sock!  On day two she used two spoons as drums to bang on her belly.  On day three, she put them in the pockets of her shorts.  On day four, she tossed them behind the couch.  On day five, she asked me to play the spoon game!  And she actually tried to follow the rules.  It took some patience, and some giggles, but this lesson (or busy bag) earned a spot in the rotation.

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