Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I love this picture of Clare and Luke.  It's amazing to sit back and watch the interaction, the giggles, and the love.  Clare was blessed with a very nurturing and calm personality.  She is sweet with Luke.  Today we were at the library, and we have recently given Luke the freedom to crawl around the toy train set area when no other kids are at the library.  As Clare and I were putting puzzles together, she said, "wait mommy, I need to check on baby Luke."  She walked over to Luke, rubbed his giant melon, and said, "that's a good boy Luke, everything is okay."  And then she was back to solving the puzzle.  However, the other night Luke was crawling behind the couch (as he does several times a day), but this time Clare felt it was off limits so she said, "Luke, oh no, you get back here."  She then pulled his legs and walked herself backwards while dragging Luke with her so he was no longer cruising behind the couch.  Good thing Luke was laughing! 

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Soo Sweet!!