Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Clare's Baptismal Birthday.

July 10th is Clare's baptismal birthday.  Her baptism was a very special day.  It was a quiet ceremony after mass, followed by a delicious dinner cooked by Father Steve.  I found this post from December 2010 (the month we moved from Oregon to Indiana):

Another sad day -- our last mass with Father Steve. He has been a valuable part of our lives since we met him in 2005. His homily today was powerful (as many of them are). It especially touched our hearts because he focused on the second reading, which was all about patience from Chapter 5 of James. At the end, he pointed to me and said, "Kristy - I'm talking to you." Ok, that part didn't actually happen but there are many times I feel that way because I'm deeply moved by the powerful messages of his homily and the scripture readings.

This has been our favorite parish. Father Steve and the fellowship group have been a huge part of our lives since our move out here. He invited three couples to his home one night in February of 2008 -- Shea, John, Marie, Mark, Steve and I. Little did we know at that time, it would become the "Fellowship" of St. Paul, and a strong foundation of couples from the parish that would become our life-long friends. We have been blessed in many ways. One thing I'll never forget, is the hospital visit from Father Steve the night Clare was born, and the beautiful prayer he said and the blessings he gave us as we awaited her arrival. We were then honored to have him baptize Clare in July.

I cried the whole way home from church this morning. We are truly going to miss Father Steve and our fellowship friends.

We still miss Father Steve ...

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