Monday, July 09, 2012

Heat Wave.

We are trying our best to stay cool.  Two weeks of 90-100 degree weather has been brutal.  And two days without power due to the storms last week.  Although, I can't complain, I had several family members in Ohio without power for 6 days with temps high 90s and low 70s.  We were fortunate to have purchased a large generator when we bought our farm house.  It took care of us for two days.  On the 100 degree days, we stay indoors, but when it breaks to 90 we try to escape our air conditioned prison to the sprinklers, water table, or the neighbors pond.  Clare loves the water so that's an easy win.  But Luke just bakes in the stroller so our pond time is pretty limited.  We really need some rain and cooler temperatures.  The humidity sucks. 

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Anonymous said...

Yep - 4 days no power = NOT FUN!! Second time within a year that we had to move all of our refrigerator and freezer food somewhere else or loose it. Needless to say we are shopping for a generator!