Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Contact Paper craft.

I was so excited about this craft.  I got it all ready before Clare woke up one morning.  When Luke went down for his morning nap, we headed outside for this super cool craft.  I printed a butterfly on regular paper (from a website that offered free printable coloring pages).  I then cut out the wings and put contact paper in its place.  I cut up scrap pieces of colored stock paper (blue, yellow, orange) for Clare to pick up and put pieces onto the butterfly to make pretty, colorful wings.  She was entertained for one minute.  I pushed it a little more, stressing the coolness factor.  She was not interested.  She said, "No thank you, mommy.  Lets make pine cone feeders.  Need peanut butter for the birds."  True story.  This craft was a flop.  Maybe another time.  Maybe never.  (I couldn't just let the craft end here, so I finished the butterfly during Clare's nap and loved every minute of it)!

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