Wednesday, August 14, 2013

V is for Volcano.

This was a fun activity.  I set up the volcano while the kids napped.  I found a dirt pile and buried the recycled juice bottle.  I then filled the bottle 1/2 way with baking soda.  I added food coloring to vinegar in separate cups and had that ready for Clare to pour into the "volcano."  I used green and yellow food coloring.  Not sure why because lava isn't green!  Either way, it was pretty darn cool.  We did the explosion several times.  So many times we had to go to the store the next day to buy more volcano ingredients (as Clare said).  We then watched a youtube video of an errupting volcano in Hawaii.  I could tell Clare really liked this type of activity.  Plus it was easy set up for me with no clean up.  (And the mess stayed outside)!  There you have it - go make a volcano.

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Stef said...

That looks awesome! Now you know where to go on vacation next year...HAWAII!!