Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Our First Visit to the ER.

Two weeks ago, Luke was running around the house and fell into a door hinge.  Lots of blood, a visit to the ER, and six stitches later, he was eating corn on the cob for the first time and loving every messy bite.  (He stayed calm at the hospital while watching tractor pulls on Daddy's youtube app followed by rounds of the Chickeneers All-Clucking version of Ho-Hey song).


Stef said...

OMGosh, poor little Luke! Funny though, we had our first ER trip with our 2nd too! Glad he's ok!

xoxo Luke!

connie said...

What is it with those 2nd children. Kierstin had stitches on the head. Running around and crashed into a partially open drawer. I'm glad it wasn't more serious.