Thursday, April 04, 2013

Puzzle Scavenger Hunt.

Since our shamrock scavenger hunts and our recent Easter egg hunts, Clare has been asking for more hunts.  I found this idea on a few mom blogs.  Use puzzles for scavenger hunts in the house.  Perfect for our cold Spring days.  I hid the six puzzle pieces.  Gave Clare a basket for collecting the pieces.  And when she was finished we timed her on how fast she could put the six pieces back in the puzzle.  This was a nice extension to the game because she wasn't sure the first time if she had all the pieces.  She can count to six!  But with all this excitement, one can forget how many treasures on are in the basket!  Also, she is on this kick right now of being "timed."  She instructs me to watch the clock and count the seconds out loud.  Then she'll run like crazy to finish whatever task she has created for herself.  It has worked a few times in my favor.  Hey Clare, run this dirty diaper to the trash can.  Hey Clare, go find your brother.  I'll "time" you.  Hey Clare, how fast can you pick up all these toys.  Hey Clare, how fast can you put on your clothes? 

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