Thursday, April 04, 2013

H is for Hands.

Clare likes to trace hands and feet when we color.  We used hands for the letter H, and we let Clare trace our hands on construction paper.  Then we cut them out for our fancy display.  Daddy was not home, so we pretended to trace his hand.  Or maybe that's Sasquatch!  This was a conversation we had on H day:
Me:  Clare, that handprint looks like sasquatch.  Daddy's hand isn't that big!
C:  Who's sasquatch?
Me: He's a huge ape that also goes by the name of Bigfoot.
C: Where does bigfoot live?
Me:  In the forest.
C:  But won't he get cold living in the forest?
Me: He doesn't live in our forest where it snows, he lives in a forest in the Pacific Northwest.
C: Ok.

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