Monday, March 25, 2013

G is for Green. Happy St. Patrick's Day.

We rolled in the letter G with Saint Patrick's Day.  The Shamrock Scavenger Hunt was a huge hit!  $1 for two green buckets.  And $1 for a dozen shamrocks.  Sweetness!  I think we had several days of requested shamrock hunts.  Clare liked to take a turn hiding the shamrocks.  She'd toss them all in one spot with the bucket, then she'd tell mom and dad to go find them. We used some shamrocks taped to popsicle sticks to fancy up our food - the green pancakes, the irish soda bread.  But the cabbage and corned beef soup was not so impressive.  I really like corned beef.  I don't care for cabbage.  I did not like this irish soup.  But the next day we had corned beef panini's that were delicious.  We also finished the day with Saint Patrick trivia while coloring a picture of the Saint, a Saint Patrick prayer, and a green bath party.  We gathered up all our green toys in the green buckets and dumped them into the bath tub with a drop of green food coloring.  The foam shamrocks stick to the bath tub when wet.  It was a half hour worth of wrinkley toes!

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