Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 5 of Vacation.

We went to the Naples Zoo, which was about 45 mins from my parents place.  I walked around with Luke in my carrier bec we didn't have the stroller.  He is 5 lbs over the limit.  And about 20 lbs over my limit!  But we had fun, and he was a trooper.  Clare's highlight of the zoo was feeding a giraffe.  The video is priceless.  I'll try to get that posted.  When we got home, Clare asked if she could make a nest on Grandma's bed.  Then she asked Grandma to lay with her and watch a cartoon.


Annie said...

Love the photos! So glad you guys had a great vacation!

connie said...

Thanks for sharing, the kids surely loved it. I liked seeing the pics of Uncle Rod with the kids. Precious.