Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day 6 & 7 of Vacation.

On the 6th day of vacation we decided to drive 5 hours to Key West!  So glad we did.  Aside from Clare getting car sick the night before and vomiting in the rental car seat and the rental van, we stayed at a lovely hotel where the kids had a blast jumping on the bed and playing with the phone.  The water, the weather, the white sand beach, all of it was beautiful.  I had never driven the road to Key West.  I didn't realize the old road was along side the new road.  There were parts of the old road that allowed people to walk or bike from one of the islands.  And in some spots people were fishing from the old road.  Clare liked walking in the water at this beach.  It was a lot warmer.  The water was more clear.  And she liked that the seaweed tickled her the farther she walked out in the water. 

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