Tuesday, February 12, 2013


We spent 10 sunny days in Fort Myers Beach, Florida.  It was a great trip.  We stayed with my parents.  They have a cozy house on the bay where they stay for 4-6 weeks that was a perfect fit for all of us.  The sunsets were beautiful.  The weather was perfect between 75-85 degrees.  The kids loved the beach, the sand, and the wildlife.  It was our first vacation since we were blessed with Clare and Luke.  The kids did good on the short 2 hr flight from Indiana to Florida.  They adjusted easily to the sleeping arrangements.  However, Luke did not want to spend a minute in the house.  He wanted outside all day.  He stopped eating the sand after day three! I'm so thankful my mom was there to rally with the kids.  She stayed with the kids a lot during their naps and at bedtime so Steve & I could go out and explore.  She also found time to do our laundry and cook for us! How does she keep it all together?  I feel like I'm always a mess at home! But we're all happy and healthy so I guess I'll take the mess!  I will post more pictures and stories about this adventure ...

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