Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 1 of Vacation.

We flew on a non-stop flight from Fort Wayne to Fort Myers.  It was only 2 hrs 15 mins.  The Fort Wayne airport is small, and it was great that they had several play stations for the kids to entertain themselves until we were able to board.  Luke was stir-crazy on the flight, but after a half hour he finally took an hour nap.  Clare was entertained by the numerous activities we had packed for her.  (Thanks to many mom-blogs for suggestions and for the dollar spot at Target).  When we arrived at my parents house, the kids had a blast playing with the two bins of new toys.  We rented the car seats, stroller, and toys from  Their service was great.  All the items were clean and in great shape. After the kids nap, we took a stroller walk on the beach.  This was their first glimpse of the ocean.  Both were excited.  However, it was really windy that day and it was only 62 degrees.  Our kids looked like your typical Hoosier on the Florida beach!


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