Thursday, September 20, 2012

Luke at 9 months.

Our little boy hit the 9 month mark on Saturday.  Yeh!  My mom was here for three days so we spent a lot of time going to the parks and library story time.  It's great having another set of hands during the day.  (And I love the company)!
Luke is walking around with the help of furniture and his big sister.  I was in the kitchen when I heard Clare giggling, so I peeked in the living room to see what was so funny on Handy Manny, and I found her holding onto Luke from the high chair as he freely stood beside her.  They make a cute pair!


Mary said...

What sweet kids you have! And something about having two together and seeing them interact just melts your heart. What darling little people!

I love all your ideas--seriously making me want to try some fun stuff with my kids Kristy! I hope that corn ripens soon so you can get out some more!!

Anonymous said...

Soo Cute!! Just imagine the lifetime bond they are forming ~ so sweet!