Thursday, September 20, 2012

Indoor Activities.

We are running out of indoor activities and winter isn't even here!  The corn should be harvested soon so we'll have more freedom to roam outside.  Until then, we are having fun indoors and making lots of trips to the library and city playgrounds.
I hear a lot about sensory tables for toddlers.  I have never done one.  I have never seen one.  I looked online and found some ideas.  I did a test run on Clare last week.  She loved it.  I used what I had around the house - rice crispies and miniature dinosaurs.  After the "sensory" play, we got out lots of bowls, measuring cups, and funnels.  She had a good time.  I need to do a little more research and make an actual sensory table.  And then have a few different kits set up for those days that I need to keep her entertained in the other room for 20-30 minutes.  I'm open to any sensory table suggestions if you've done this before (and it has proven successful)!
We also started yoga in the morning.  I found a great kids DVD.  She loved this activity too.  I was two for two last week!  She started gymnastics a week ago so I think my timing helped on this one.  It's only 20 minutes long, which is perfect for her attention span these days.  She pointed out that the yoga instructor did not have pretty pink painted toes like she did, that the instructor had nice white toes.

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