Sunday, June 17, 2012

Salomonie Reservoir.

I'm so glad the kids dig the stroller!  It takes a bit of effort to get drinks, snacks, stroller, and the kids packed but once we get to the destination it's actually quite enjoyable.  We try to explore local parks once a week.  Last week we went to a huge reservoir about 20 minutes away.  It had a state forest, lake, and campground nearby.  There were several trails to hike, and an interpretive center.  It was a tiny little center but we walked in and browsed the displays.  Clare wanted to sit with the turtle and pet the deer.  All of which were prohibited.  After getting kicked out of the interpretive center, we hiked a tiny trail that had two nice view points of the lake.  We hiked the trail twice just incase we missed something the first time around. Add that up and we hiked a half mile! The lake has a huge beach but it was closed due to the water being 14 ft below normal.

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