Sunday, June 17, 2012

Luke at 6 months.

It's great being at the 6-month mark!  He got his first tooth this weekend.  He's drinking from a bottle.  He's eating a lot of baby food (the newest being chicken and carrots).  I think it's time for a mom-cation.  I'm really looking forward to my friends weekend in Chicago in August.  There will be six of us friends staying in Chicago, eating good food, going to the Cubs vs Reds game, and possibly drinking a few cold ones.  Wait, this post was supposed to be about Luke and his big 6 month birthday.  He's still a happy baby who giggles a lot and loves to watch his big sister.  He's rolling a lot and kicking his knees when he is on his belly, but no crawling yet.  He is a huge fan of stroller walks.  And he enjoys splashing in the pond when Clare is swimming.  Now, let's hope he gets back to a good sleeping pattern thru the night...

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Anonymous said...

They grow up sooo fast ~ Enjoy the moments!
AND enjoy the mom-cation - those are important too. ;)