Friday, June 24, 2011

A Treasure Worth Sharing.

Clare is a lucky girl! I scored this book for $0.10 at the semi-annual library book sale. It was published in 1964 with a note "dedicated to all of you who have a love for and an interest in the spinning silver shaft." It also came with a check-out card glued to the back of the book. Is it too early to begin this reading to Clare? Too early to give her my mini-baton from my twirling days?


Stef said...

It's never too early! You saw what that girl can do with a broom?! She can teach Kailey some moves this summer!

Anonymous said...

Oh Kristy,

I was a majorette in junior high. I didn't know we have that in common! I have a friend who was one in college. She calls me "baton buddy."

I miss you so much. CONGRATS on the news. Curt told me a couple weeks ago and my aging brain lost it!

Anonymous said...

Ok - this will reveil my age... That outfit is nearly identical to the one I wore in high and all ~ YIKES!Kathy