Friday, April 01, 2011


So it's true for babies too -- turkey makes one sleepy! Seriously, Clare was only in her high chair for five minutes. I gave her some turkey soup that I made the other night (it was fabulous, by the way -- I heart my pressure cooker)! Clare took a couple of bites so I proceeded to tidy up the kitchen while she ate. This is our usual routine. You could have imagined my inside-laugh as I looked over and saw her passed out. It clearly must have been the tryptophan in the turkey. It caused an immediate reaction to snooze because as you can see on her tray, she only consumed a small portion. (One more thing worth noting: she is getting more hair).


Jessica said...

This just made my day! She is so precious. What a wonderful mommy,too, making her all these delicious homemade meals and taking her on adventures! We miss you!

Anonymous said...

That is just so adorable! Took me back many years... my kids would go to sleep wherever.


Annie said...

That is soo cute! Love that she fell asleep sucking her thumb! Precious :)