Thursday, November 14, 2013


Luke is very smart.  Seriously, he's very smart.  He speaks very well.  People tell me so!!  He can say the ABC's, he can count to 12, he can sing songs, he can spell his name, he knows all the shapes, and he knows his colors.  Well, all his colors except YELLOW. Why is that one so hard?  I decided to have a yellow themed week in a strong effort to teach my boy the color yellow.  (This little set up of yellow mayhem is not typical in our home).  We had a lot of fun.  Clare did too.  We used the Spanish version of yellow for her.  With in three days of intense training, I mean of sweet nurturing love, he knows yellow.  Welcome yellow.  Welcome to Luke's world of colors.  I wonder if this same training, I mean nurturing, will get him potty trained in three days?  We celebrated by making coffee filter turkeys.

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