Thursday, November 14, 2013

Moving Weekend.

We moved in mid-October!  The weekend of our move, the kids and I went to the lake for three days, while Daddy and his buddies moved our belongings from the farmhouse to our new house.  He's amazing.  My mom is also amazing.  She stayed at our new house for five days and unpacked 50% of our boxes.  She rocks!  When we got in the car for our road trip to the lake, I had two new stuffed animals for the kids.  Both enjoyed their new Dr. Seuss friends during the car ride.  (I think they still have these furry friends in their bed today).  It was a little sad.  We had a good talk on the way to the lake.  The kids enjoyed their visit with the grandparents.  It was fairly nice weather so we played outside often.  I like the picture of Luke on his hot rod looking at the lake and boat wondering "why aren't we on that boat right now."  I also like the picture of Luke asking Clare to hold his hand on this ride at the local park.

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