Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Random pictures from August.

These are some of my favorite pictures that I snapped on my iPhone this past month.  (1) It has become Grandma Carol's tradition to buy lettuce for the kids at the giraffe exhibit at the zoo.  The kids enjoy feeding the giraffe's.  As you can see, Luke gets a little aggressive with making sure his giraffe gets some food.  Even if that means crushing his big sister into a corner post.  (2 & 3) The kids enjoy sitting on Aunt Jeanne and Grandpa's lap at the lake for storytime.  (4,5,6) We spend a lot of time outdoors.  The garden has been fun (and educational) for the kids this summer.  And the newest excitement has been finding locust shells on our trees! (7) Luke was playing with his matchbox cars and firehouse, when I soon realized he had slipped on a pair of Clare's purple sparkle shoes and grabbed her Vera Bradley purse to store one of his matchbox cars.  (8)  When the weather is 97 degrees with 100% humidity, we swim at the Y, play basketball, and run the track.  It's like a vacation for my kids!  And it's fun for me too.  Although my basketball skills have declined over the years.

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