Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Operation Sandbox. Before.

Back in April, we decided the kids needed a sandbox.  (It was mostly my idea).  Steve agreed and kindly asked what he could do to help!  We had this random "gazebo" type thing in our backyard that has probably been there for 50 years.  We (I mean Steve) dug out the giant stepping stones.  We added a weed barrier.  And then off to the stone quarry for sand.  That's right, a stone quarry.  Because that's how we roll in the country.  Well, somewhat true, but also because it was 2 miles down the road, and we needed three ton of sand according to the measurements.  Hello... way too much sand.  But the kids thought it was a fun sandmound for a few days.  The sandbox was a huge hit for Luke throughout the summer.  Clare played in there on occasion but not near as much as her little brother.


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