Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Jenga Blocks for a Dollar.

I purchased two sets of Jenga blocks for $1.  I thought Luke would enjoy the blocks.  Well, he does like those little wooden blocks.  However, he also likes to throw them.  (Does this phase ever end)?!  I packed a few extra blocks for our trip to the lake one weekend.  I try to pack some activities for Clare to do in the morning before Luke wakes up, or in case it rains a day or two.  I gave the blocks to Clare with some paint.  She took it upon herself to paint them different colors.  She sorted a few and then stacked a few.  I suggested we put letters on the blocks to practice spelling her name.  She politely said, "Good idea, Mom."  She did a good job.  Then she asked if she could paint the people on the newspaper.  It kept her busy for 45 minutes.  I had several cups of coffee while having adult conversations.

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