Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Daybed Makeover. Before and After.

It has been a rough couple of weeks with Luke being fussy.  The good thing - he's still sleeping thru the night and taking a good nap.  However, he is a little fireball during the day.  I've seen this behavior in the past.  I'm hoping it's just another round of teething.  And then we'll get our silly little Luke back.  In the meantime, I find something to "fix" to take my mind off things.  You know, the "fix" that you can control!  I decided to paint the daybed that was Clare's cousins bed about 10 years ago.  I painted over the white with a cream color.  There were a lot of dark nicks on the frame.  Clare wants to paint her room.  I suggested coral and cream.  She said ok but wanted some blue too.  Deal!  I hope to paint the walls coral and cream, and somehow add light blue to the mix.  The current color (hot pink) of walls are a little too busy for me.

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