Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I've always wanted a garden.  I knew it required maintenance, but seriously, EVERY DAY?  I'm ashamed to admit that my first time around didn't go so well.  You'll notice I posted the pictures from the early days of my garden.  It's now consumed with weeds.  I do have a lot of veggies growing, but the weeds are not far behind in number.  I couldn't keep up with the weeding part.  Argh.  We have been enjoying our zucchini and squash.  The grape tomatoes are still green but plentiful.  The corn is growing nicely.  And I'm pretty sure there are a hundred pumpkins.  The herbs did not make it through the weeds. I lost the oregano, parsley, chives, and cilantro.  The green beans and sugar snap peas appear to be putting up a strong fight against the weeds.  I found some bricks in our barn that are probably a hundred years old, and I used them for my garden markers.  Although I probably didn't need them.  Each veggie is pretty obvious to identify. 

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