Wednesday, May 15, 2013

L is for Ladder.

A friend of mine is a past Kindergarten teacher.  She gave me some good advice last week.  She recommended I use Clare's interest when working on the letter of the week.  Clare is very active.  She will do crafts on occasion but I felt I was forcing it too much.   (Because I love crafts)!  So I have been "teaching" with a different lesson plan lately!  Clare loves to help Daddy.  She loves climbing the ladder when he is using it for a project.  So I incorporated the ladder with the letter L.  She did great!  We put the five puzzle pieces that spelled her name at the top of the ladder.  She would climb the ladder, grab the first letter puzzle piece, climb down the ladder, and put it on the toy workbench.  We did this game three times before I had to beg her to take a little nap!  This one helped her with the letter L, as well as spelling her name, and also with being active in the great outdoors. (We did this fun activity while little brother was sleeping.  Luke doesn't need exposed to a ladder yet...)

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