Thursday, May 23, 2013

Clare Bear, Clare Bear.

Clare Bear, Clare Bear, what do you see?  I see Saint Clare looking at me.  Saint Clare, Saint Clare, what do you see?  I see Saint John looking at me.

 This was a fun craft for me.  Clare loves the Brown Bear book so I went with that story line to create a book about Saints.  First, if you've never seen the cute designs by Victor Teh, go to his site at and browse for a while.  I purchased the first series of Saints for less than $15.  It's a PDF that is accessible as soon as you pay via paypal.  I can print whatever I want from that file at any time.  It's great.  I love it.  I used the small prayer card templates for this book.  I choose five saints for the book.  I then found a small board book that was damaged, and one that never made it into our reading cycle, and taped the pages.  On one side, it's a picture of the saint.  On the opposite page, it's the bio of the saint with a prayer.  I'll try to post the video of Clare reading the book.  She likes reading this book, and has asked several good questions about the saints.  I need to make another book to expose her to more saints.

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