Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Luke at 16 mos.

Luke is 16 months.  Oh my.  Look at that hair.  It's serious business in the front and a whole lot of party in the back.  But I can't cut those curls.  He likes to wear the ear protection that Daddy uses at the shooting range.  Maybe he's tired of hearing me say "no no no - no throwing your milk cup; no sitting on your sister; no climbing on the couch; no crayons in your ears; no throwing your cars; no putting books in your mouth; no throwing rocks; no stealing food from your sister; no throwing your food; no putting spoons in your nose; no throwing spoons."  Well, you get the idea.  I am telling Luke "no" all day long.  Argh.  Please outgrow this phase soon.  The other day Clare said to me, "mommy, will you say yes?  we need to hear more yes's."

I am constantly searching online for indoor play activities for Luke that are tailored to his age.  A lot of stuff I want to do with Clare are not a good fit for Luke (Playdough, stamping, felt board, memory game, etc). I introduced him to some checker pieces the other day, mixed with tupperware and bags.  He enjoyed it.  He tried once to taste a checker and that was it.  But then, he found it more fun to drop the checkers behind the toy box.  Argh.  I'd love any suggestions for keeping this pistol entertained!  He does enjoy the pom poms from time to time.  He also likes to play with matchbox cars and blocks.  But I'm noticing that he doesn't have the same interest in toys and activities as Clare did at that age.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the curls!! Aaron had the same thing. We didn't cut them until he was 2.