Sunday, January 13, 2013

Random Part 2.

In the first picture, Clare is teaching Luke how to put his blocks back into the bag.  (This sort of teaching happens often but the follow up is usually unsuccessful).
In the second picture, Luke's hidden treasures.  I knew we were missing some cars but I thought he was putting them in the trash can when I wasn't looking, which meant they got tossed.  However, they were under the stove.  There was a day he was laying on the kitchen floor looking under the stove trying to tell me something in his frustrated baby voice.  I took a look for him and saw why he was so frustrated.  He had lost several good treasures.
In the last picture, my horrible attempt at reindeer cake pops.  The cookbook photo looks so ... professional.  That's the only nice word that comes to mind.  I'm pretty sure Clare ate more M&M's than we used for our two dozen batch of cake pops.

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