Monday, December 17, 2012

Santa at the Library.

The kids had their first Santa experience at the local library.  Clare was very excited.  She wanted to see the reindeer.  On our way out, there was a little red sleigh to take pictures.  I really have no idea how parents and photographers take pictures of toddlers.  As you can see, the only one participating was the elf.  A nice lady offered to take our family picture.  I was pretty excited to be in a photo with the kids.  When I looked at the picture later that day, these were my thoughts:
Why are we forcing our kids to take a picture?
There are a lot of the library ceiling lights in the picture?
I guess we didn't need to squat down by the kids?
I love my iPhone.

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Anonymous said...

Photographers trick for young children pictures - continuous pictures - then you can pick out the one you want and delete the rest. ;)