Saturday, September 08, 2012


On Labor Day, we had a family BBQ.  My little brother was visiting us from Tennessee.  We had a nice day together as my nephew grilled steaks and burgers for us.  Later in the day we decided to get some family photos.  It's impossible for the kids to watch the camera and smile.  Impossible for my brothers too!  So we opted for - hey, everyone, look at mom and dad while they kiss to 40 + years of bliss.  And this was the end result.  Steve and Clare in a sweet giggle embrace.  My nephew punching my little brother in the jaw, while my youngest niece laughs at grandma and grandpa.  Luke trying to eat my camera remote.  Mom and dad in a sweet embrace.  And my older brother in a sweet cuddle embrace with his oldest daughter.



Mary said...

I love this picture!! What a fun family!

And I love all your fun ideas--thanks for sharing Kristy. It's a great source of inspiration for me.

Anonymous said...

Awesome picture!! It would be a perfect Christmas card. Your nieces and nephew are growing up quick!

Connie said...

Great picture Kristy. Troy's kids are getting so grown already. Always nice to see Rodney too.