Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Sharing the iPad.

Sharing the iPad is hard!  But I love that she is "learning" on the iPad.  We have a lot of sharing lessons thru the day.  I felt I should practice what I preach and share with her the things that she will ask about (the iPad, the measuring cups, the Pringles, the make-up brush). She's very inquisitive these days.  I love it.  But by 6 pm I'm exhausted with the questions!  And sometimes I just don't know the answer so I reply, "let's ask Daddy when he gets home."  Clare does great with sharing.  It's fun to watch her share with Luke.  And she doesn't get upset when Luke grabs things from her (like her apple juice sip cup).  I hope this behavior continues.

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Jessica said...

This is a big deal at our house, too! Somehow, Bella always thinks it is her turn.