Monday, April 23, 2012

Glow Bracelets.

I have an Amazon addiction. There are times during Luke's nursing routine, that I browse my favorite sites on the iPad. Amazon is one of them. They have all the craft supplies I need for entertaining (I mean teaching) Clare throughout the day. I click on the item I'd like to purchase, and Amazon has my c/c info and address stored in their system.  They have free shipping. This is way easier than making a list and trying to bring two kids to a craft store.  Dang it, it really is a simple two click process for buying cool random stuff. My latest purchase -- 100 glow bracelets for $8. Clare loves them. I love them. We're all happy. They are really cool in the bathtub under all the bubbles. We closed the shower curtain and turned off the lights. It was great! (My husband said he was changing the password on our Amazon account).


Anonymous said...

Actually, it is probably cheaper to just keep the password the same...You would just find another option.
You have found awesome was to entertain Clare. She lucky to have such a great Mommy!

Mommy Bishop said...

We are on a glow stick kick right now too, the boys eack pick one out to take to bed, it makes bed so much more fun! I never enen thought of the bath...