Saturday, March 24, 2012

More outside, please.

The past two weeks we've had record high temps in the midwest. Perfect timing for 80 degree weather! It allows us to explore around our new property. From the moment Clare wakes up, she says "more outside, please" about 20 times a day. I browse a lot of mom blogs online. There are many creative mom's out there who share their toddler activities (thank you to those fine ladies). I found these two ideas on the web. Sorry I can't remember their sites to publish here. One idea was using an old diaper box as a mail box. We are in the process of decorating it with stickers. When Clare & I walk down the lane to the mailbox, I give her all the junk mail. She then plays with the junk mail on the patio in her special mailbox. It's been a week and she still plays with it on occasion. It's not her top pick of games, but it keeps her entertained from time to time. And the stickers are a big hit.

Another online idea I found was ice cube paints. I thought Clare's fingers would get cold but the "starfish" shaped ice cube tray produced thin ice cubes. I used food coloring and water. We played with the ice cube paints outside. The heat melted the ice cubes while Clare did her water color painting. And surprisingly, the food color did not stain her clothes. Clare really liked this activity. We have done it three times this week.

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