Wednesday, January 04, 2012


We got some snow last week, so Steve built a snowman for Clare. As the snow melted the next day, Clare would say "utt ohh" each time the nose, mouth, and stone buttons fell off. Then she'd say "Daddy fix it."

Luke found his fingers! He has soothed himself a few times, and we've also tried a pacifier a few times. Both seem to do the trick. We'll see if he's going to be a thumb sucker like his big sister.

With Clare's help, and Luke in my infant carrier, we made some delicious banana peanut butter muffins from this kid friendly cookbook. Clare ate three of them yesterday. I had a few too many myself, but they are mini muffins and for the most part healthy! This cookbook has a lot of great recipes that include veggie and fruit purees.

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Anonymous said...

The muffins sound Yummy!
Do you have a move date yet?
Such precious pictures ~ love em!
Hope you all are staying healthy. Flu bug got me Christmas Eve :(