Thursday, January 19, 2012

Boon Potty Chair Bench

Last summer, I scored this potty chair at a garage sale from a lady who lives down the street from us. She raved about it, and she said it was perfect for her daughter. She sold it to me for $5. I kept it in the bathroom all summer. Clare has been sitting on the lid since the summer. Since early December, she has actually went potty in it a few times when we asked her if she wanted to try the chair. As of last weekend, she has gone potty in the chair about 8 times a day! It's bliss. She gets so excited. (As do mom and dad)! Let's hope the success rate continues. For anyone looking into a potty chair, I highly recommend this brand. Google "Boon" images and you'll find a ton of cool modern kids stuff that I never knew existed!

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