Friday, December 09, 2011

Cookie Party!

I'm bummed to be missing Amy's annual cookie party on Saturday, but excited for her and all the other ladies who will be swamping cookies and exchanging Christmas ornaments. This was always a fun event for me to attend. I think I made it the past three years, but never took home the snowman jar (aka: the trophy for best cookie). I wish Amy and all my other Oregonian friends a fun day together, and I wish our second blessing would arrive soon!


Mommy Bishop said...

It was lovely as usual, a chocolate penutbutter cookie won the jar this year :) Maybe you should start one there!

Amy said...

We missed you so much, Kristy! You should start your own party next year! It is THE event of the season after all...ok, after Jesus' Birth! :) Love you! Can't wait to hear about the forthcoming little bundle!