Thursday, December 15, 2011

Book, please.

I love this picture! In recent road trips, Clare has asked me for "book, please." I'll ask her which book she'd like to read, and her response lately has been "ABC" and "Go Dog Go." Both are Dr. Seuss board books that I carry in her diaper bag. I love that she wants to read these books in the car, and I love her giggle when she gets to parts in the book that she knows whats happening. In this pic she's reading Go Dog Go. There's one little dog sleeping in the beginning of the book. She'll say "shhhh, sleeping dog (or napping)." And at the end she'll say "dog party!" and "ut ohhh (to the dog that had his hat fall off)" and "bounce bounce (to the dogs that are on a trampoline)."

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Annie said...

Clare & I need to get together! That is my favorite child book of all time! Kailey doesn't share my love for it...and we even have the stuffed animal of the male dog in "No, I do not like that hat!" Goodbye!