Friday, October 21, 2011

Football confusion.

Last Sunday, the Bengals played the Colts. We had fun watching the game on TV at its normal time, compared to living in Oregon where the Bengals were hardly ever televised and if they were, we had to have our faces painted and sitting in a cozy booth at the local bar that supported the Sports Ticket package by 10 am because of the three hour time difference. Although the game was a little different this year with both quarterbacks (Palmer and Manning) not taking the field, we enjoyed sitting at home with family watching the game and teaching Clare to say "touchdown." Daddy says she's a Bengals fan. Grandpa Win is trying to make her a Colts fan. Either way, she seemed to enjoy game day! Good news: The Bengals won! Bad news: Steve needs a new jersey! The media announced on Wednesday that Palmer was traded to the Oakland Raiders.

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