Sunday, September 25, 2011

Project 1 of 3. Done.

I have had three projects on my to-do list this year. One was this knit stocking cap for Clare. I bought the yarn from my favorite yarn store in Eugene before we moved last year (Soft Horizons on 13th Ave). I started the cap this summer and finally it is complete. Clare has asked me a couple of times for her hat. That made me proud. Then she pulled at some of the yarn on the inside. That made me sad. I need to line the inside with felt or fleece so she's not tempted to pull at the yarn. This hat barely fits her giant melon. Maybe she'll have a little sister to share it with someday!

As for the police car that Aunt Jeanne had for Roman, Clare loves to sit inside with the CB and say "breaker breaker."

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