Tuesday, August 09, 2011

A Friendly Visit

A week or two ago, my friend Stef spent a couple days with us at the lake. Stef, her hubby Nate, and their two sweet daughters soaked up the sun with us. Clare LOVED baby Kylin (7 mos). She wanted to touch her eyeballs every 10 minutes! I think I said the word "soft" a million times to Clare when she got near Kylin. It was really cute to see Clare all excited around the baby. During the girls nap time, Stef & I treated ourselves to craft hour (my, how times have changed since our happy hour days). We made No Sew Fabric Flowers from missloviecreations . blogspot. Stef is modeling the denim strip flower with yellow button that she designed. And her daughter Kaylie is modeling the other denim flower she made. And lastly, I'm holding my brown and purple flower. I need some more practice, but was happy with the results. And very happy for the girl time! Thanks to Stef and her family for spending time with us.

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