Saturday, July 30, 2011

Exploring at the Park

Clare and I went to Bixler Lake Park one day last week. It's behind the library, so we spent some time browsing the books and then exploring at the park. Although Clare has reached a new "fun" at the library. Instead of looking at books and watching other kids, she likes to push all the books back on the shelves, or if the books are loose on the shelf, she likes to pull them off and drop them on the floor. Then saying "uttt ohhh" and pointing to the book on the floor. (Our last visit to the library: Mom pushing Clare in stroller). The park was fun to explore. Clare loves picking up rocks, sticks, and now mulch chippings. The playset doesn't phase her too much. The swings are of little more interest. And the giant elephant was a huge bonus. From across the park, Clare kept making her elephant noise after spying three girls playing on the stone elephant. She loves elephants! And I have no idea where this comes from but it's adorable. Also adorable, Clare hanging on very tight to the mulch chippings while swinging. They truly were treasures in her mind. We ended our day with a mini-picnic!

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