Thursday, June 02, 2011

Shedd Aquarium

We had a fun time in Chicago last weekend. It was much different touring the city with child than when Steve & I lived there back in the day. We (by "we" most of you know "kris") wanted to visit a few more of our old stomping grounds and stuff our faces with more yummy food, but the rain and having a baby in tow made us appreciate the few things we did get accomplished. First stop, Portillo's for double cheeseburgers. Then a tour of Shedd Aquarium. Clare loved all the fish. She wouldn't stop kissing the fish. She was a trooper through all the taxi cab rides, dodging pigeons along the path by the pier, and the rainstorms we were blessed with. We forgot about the Midwest rain. It pours. And it comes on quick. And we weren't prepared. After one down pour with no umbrella or coats, Steve gave his jacket to Clare. She looks a little like E.T.

The baptism for my godson was the next day, and it was a lovely ceremony. We're blessed that Clare is such a good traveler. She slept half way home and then talked the rest of the way home. Living at the lake puts us only 3 hrs from Chicago!!!

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Anonymous said...

Grandma Carol --- You will always have to live by water. Clare wouldn't know what to do without the fish or ducks! Can't wait to see what She does when you take her to the ZOO!