Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Can you really have TOO many leg warmers? I think not.

A few months ago, I posted a picture of baby leg warmers and was hoping to make a set for Clare in red, green, and orange. Well, that project never got checked off my list for the winter and for me, knitting is a winter sport. But thanks to our pal Michelle in Eugene for the surprise package! She made three pairs for Clare -- in all the colors I had dreamt would be perfect in Clare's wardrobe. They are the cutest damn things! Clare had the red set on and then tried to put the orange ones on her arms. Talk about style. Yes, she's got it. I put some Cyndi Lauper on in the background and we we rocked the day away. (Steve is a lucky guy). Thank you Michelle for the sweet and thoughtful homemade gifts.
PS: I hope you made a pair for yourself. And one for Chad.


Anonymous said...

Will she take orders? I would love to have a pair for Danica and all the store ones look cheap.... :)


Stef said...

I'll place an order too! Those are the cutestttttt things!! Clare is totally rocking the leg warmers! What a little fashionishta!

Anonymous said...

Landen has some too ~ they are the cutest of those little legs!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh!! I didn't see this post until Lynn emailed me about it yesterday. The red ones are so adorable. They were my favorite to make - and the first! Looks like I could start up a small side business. Haha! I'm so glad she's getting to wear them.
Love you all SO much!