Tuesday, April 26, 2011

She's all grow'd up!

Clare loves her new front-facing car seat! I think it's pretty cool too, except when she falls asleep. Her head just hangs down to her belly. Is there something to help with this, or just let the giant melon hang while she snoozes?

Lately, I have been bringing Clare into bed with us on the weekend mornings (and sometimes during the week). I love the hour or two of cuddle time. I know I'm starting a bad habit but I'm soaking up the love while she still wants to hug me!!! However, she seems to hog my side of the bed when in a deep slumber.


Anonymous said...

I wasted money on all of the "gimmicks" to try and save their poor heads...nothing I bought worked...hope someone else has a suggestion.

(I also let the kids stay in our bed on weekend mornings...unfortunately Danica wants nothing to do with it any more :( I LOVE the extra snuggle time as well.)


Stef said...

I haven't tried it yet but I was thinking maybe a neck pillow. I hate seeing their little heads flop down.

Kailey was never much of a cuddler or sleeper, good thing Kylin is! Love those little moments!

Mommy Bishop said...

They have baby neck pillows (you can make one easy) but you have to be careful that it isn't a breathing hazard. I use it on the boys only if I can reach to adjust it.
We have been doing morning snuggle time too, although I get less sleep, the warm n fuzzy is worth it. I just know it wont last forever :)