Tuesday, March 08, 2011

After feeding the ducks their breakfast this morning, Clare & I had a photo shoot. We have these often but today Clare was very interested in the flash on my camera. She is drooling on most of the pictures. I'm guessing it's the fifth tooth that broke this past weekend (you can see it on her left, next to the top walrus teeth) or she wants some of the duck food. Clare says "duck" about 100 times a day. She can also say dog, book, and fish. Although fish is mostly her saying "issshhhh." She can also wave, and she'll do it to anyone and anything that's in sight. She waves to the ducks when they arrive. She'll even kiss the window, which is her way of kissing the ducks. She's really good at "milk" and "more" in sign language. I love that she can let me know when she's thirsty. This past month has been a lot of fun with all of her changes. She likes to play peekaboo. She covers her forehead, not so much her eyes. But it's cute to watch her with the concept of the game. She has a favorite book. It's a baby peekaboo book that she got from Jessica's mom, Janet. When I ask her to bring me the peekaboo book, she'll go through her book box, which consist of a dozen board books, and she'll actually bring the peekaboo book to me. It's amazing. And yes, she'll sit through the whole book -- over and over and over again. When will she get to the point where she's bored after the first page?!!! I was reading the Jamberry book to her the other day and we turned two pages at one time (she likes to the turn the page on her own) but I kept on going thinking I saved myself a page, but she knew. She looked at me then used her stubby chubby little fingers to pull one page back. I just got out-smarted by a baby!


Anonymous said...

The trick I do is not read all the words on the page....saves a lot of time until they learn how to read :)


connie runkel said...

I use to skip words or pages too. But some books they just knew too well. The girls kept me honest. It is so nice when they can read to you. Something to look forward too.

Mommy Bishop said...

Elijah went back n forth on this, sometimes the whole 30pg book other times one word per page :)
We have the Jamberry book too! I love it, but Jeff thinks its lame. We have very different opinions on books, but luckily Elijah seems to like them all!
She is soo sweet Kristy! Such a silly girl.